Pi Luna

Business Coach for Creatives

Business Coach for Creatives

Pi Luna (pronounced 3.14) believes the key to a happy and meaningful life is to make money doing what you love and use your natural gifts to be of service. As an artist and former math teacher, Pi merges both sides of the brain to bridge the gap between creativity and the practical side of running a business. She helps business owners with a diverse set of skills including marketing, finance, time management, and much more.

How Do Creatives Thrive?

You have a voice and a unique vision. Your gifts matter and can make a difference. You can build a business by being yourself and doing what you love. Yet the messages creatives often hear are discouraging. "You can't make money doing that." "That's not practical." "Find a way to make money and then do your passion on the side."


Times are changing. We are going through major shifts as a society. Creatives play a vital role in coming up with new solutions, navigating change, and making meaning. It's time to let go of what was and embrace what could be.


Creatives will thrive when they embrace their gifts fully and let go of the traditional advice of focus and linear paths. Replacing boxes with life affirming process will lead to amazing results. The following videos outline a new way of approaching goal setting in your business.

Step 1

If you're a creative, you probably have several interests. Learn why this is a good thing and how to use all your gifts to be successful.

Step 2

Learn why it's hard to stick to a plan, and how to build a flexible business plan that helps you achieve your goals without limiting your creative process.

Step 3

Learn how to use the plan from the previous video and turn into action steps.

Online Classes

Coming Soon

In the previous videos, you learned how to create a flexible plan. Now it's time to fill in the pieces. Pi Luna's online classes are a fun, easy way to learn the business skills you need to do well. To receive an email notification when online classes are available, click on the button below.


Individual Business Coaching

Pi Luna can work with you individually to build your business, provide personalized training or do custom projects for you like building a website, designing marketing materials and more. She sees her clients in person in her Santa Fe office or online using Zoom.

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