Pi Luna


The Deck of Mirrors

Life isn't black and white, yet much of the advice we receive can be. Often we already know the answers, but need to be asked the right questions. Unlike a typical tarot deck which tells you the meaning of each card, The Deck of Mirrors gives you reflection questions so you can find your own answers.

  • Cards featuring original paintings by Pi Luna
  • 72 cards
  • Box for safe keeping
  • 2.5 x 3.5 inch cards
  • Instructions included
  • Ships within 2 weeks


Riding the Wheel



Taking Back the Field

Connecting the Dots


Burning Freedom

Take Root

Don't Reinvent the Wheel


Pi Luna's Process

My art started when I found hope in the night. When I was a kid, I had a nightmare and couldn’t get back to sleep because every time I closed my eyes, the same dream kept repeating. My dad sat with me. He taught me to go into the details of my dream, use the characters and change the plot into a happy outcome. It worked and I went back to sleep. It also set the foundation for my art. Ever since, I’ve used stories and metaphors to heal and transform what’s happening in my life.


Each of my paintings starts with a problem. Some challenge I need to overcome to get where I want to go. From the challenge comes the metaphors, imagery and stories for the painting. Once the vision solidifies, I draw a simple outline.


That’s when the destruction happens. I cut up magazines into tiny shapes. As I cut the pieces, I cut up the problems in my life stripping them of their power. It’s like separating individual letters from their words and ending up with alphabet soup. In their elemental form, they hold no power.


Out of the mess, I have the ability to create something new. I use clear acrylic gel to glue the pieces in place and fill in the image. Once the pieces are set, it’s time to bring them to life. I use acrylic paint to add shading and depth to the image. In the process, the challenge in my life has solved itself transforming into a new opportunity or insight.

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