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"First I'd like to say that Pi Luna is great at so many aspects of what she does.  She is multi-versatile from her creativity and art work to her business sense and knowledge.  Pi has helped me work through my logistic difficulties, actually when I was left "holding the bag" she was able to resurrect my social media troubles. I often mention to her that I'm so grateful to have her help.  She is dependable, capable, very personable, blending both know-how and creativity, thereby achieving a desirable outcome.  I HIGHLY recommend Pi Luna for your business needs!"

Laurie D. Wheeler

"Pi has so many skills!  She is creative, fun to work with and helped me move my business forward. I enjoyed my time with her and will use her again and again."

 Harmony West, MushroomMama.com

"Working with Pi has given me a greater sense of clarity and direction with my business. She helps me think about what is practical and lucrative while also staying true to my vision. Her judgement-free sessions are full of joy. I'm so grateful to have her guidance on this journey."

Liz Brindley - Owner of Prints and Plants

"I am an emerging acrylic artist and started working with Pi a few months ago to kickstart my art business. She is so easy and enjoyable to work with - we work hard, but also laugh together. She explains technological concepts in an unintimidating way, so I can make maximum use of my website and social media.


We've finished revamping my entire website (which I'm very happy and proud of); built a complete picture of my costs and what I need to sell in order to make my business thrive; and worked through the pricing of my art. I have also received valuable coaching on crafting my artist statement, finding my core customers and engaging with them.


I feel my business is on a solid track now to move toward and accomplish my financial goals, which is key to my being able to continue making art that I love."

Pat Pecorella - Contemporary Artist

"I have always described myself as an artist with no head for business. Now that I'm a small business owner I have to do it all. Thank you, Pi for showing me that I can tackle both the financial and creative sides of my business. Plus, I am having such a blast working with you! Thank you so much."

Pam Kellett - Owner of Santa Fe Dog Collars

"I am so grateful for Pi Luna. Her expertise around managing money and building a business has been so beneficial for my artist mind. Pi has been able to get through to me, and support me, in ways that I had not been able to experience. Pi makes it all so simple that I finally have the confidence that I am succeeding."

Leslie Slavin - Photographer & Artist

"Working with Pi was engaging and fun. I previously struggled with feeling intimidated to work with numbers and the financials of my new business but Pi provided creative solutions and ways of changing my perspective. Now I can say my business is mine and enjoy the ownership and accountability that comes with that."

Katelyn Hilburn - Owner of Madre Foods

"I have benefited tremendously from working with both Pi and Rhoda through this coaching package. They have helped me to take my business to the next level -- in terms of mindset (with Rhoda) and website and financial matters (with Pi). Their strengths complement each other beautifully to yield an incredibly effective impact. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with them both!"

W. Moore

"Pi Luna is a computer virtuoso who has taught me many useful techniques, both as a one-on-one coach and as a workshop instructor, particularly with (in my case) Excel–– and all at reasonable rates. What I love about Pi is her congeniality, her patience, and the fact that she can teach techniques and useful tricks for both PC- and Mac-users. Having long used PCs at work but Macs at home, such a broad skill-base in a computer instructor/coach is invaluable. Pi understands both systems. I highly recommend her."

Ed Ashmead - Writer and Teacher

"Pi is an skilled communicator. Her style is informative, well-paced, and easy for WESST’s clients to process and implement. Pi makes herself available to discuss specific questions with clients. She manages to distill complicated processes into manageable and easy to understand steps. Client feedback for her workshops is consistently excellent."

Bette Bradbury - Director of WESST, Northern NM

"Pi is a very talented and very kind and super patient financial teacher. Her gifts are healing the financial block that I have had since childhood and her teaching will help me navigate the future with more security."

Alessandra Dallera - Naprapathic Doctor

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